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01 Dec 2016
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This research studied the uses of internet services in radio journalism at Kaduna State Media Corporation. Self – report survey was adopted for the study and a total of 158 respondents were purposively sampled. Data generated came from interviews and questionnaires administration. Relevant literature reveals that internet use among journalists is very effective in assisting the journalists for their job. The study recommended that the management of Kaduna State Media Corporation should ensure that a standard cyber café is built for the journalist to help them carry out their job more effectively. In conclusion, internet services is an effective tool for assisting journalists for their job.

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The internet as a mass communication medium constitutes an important role in a modern man’s environment. The internet as an electronic media is used in disseminating information to a large and dispersed audience through computer networking.
According to Wolk (2001) , the internet and the world wide web are not synonymous. The internet is a collection of interconnected computer network linked by copper wires, fiber-optic cable and wireless connection.
Dueze (1999) stated that the best way to define and distinguish between these terms is with reference to the internet protocol suite. According to him, the internet consists of the computer and networks that can handle data packages.
Callaham (1998) defines the internet as a rack of servers aside from the complex, physical connection that makes its infrastructure. The internet is facilitated by multilateral commercial contact by technical specifications or protocols that describes how to exchange data over the network. The internet can now be accessed by numerous computer, mobile phone, Ipad and android etc.
The internet revolution that is changing the field of communication is a potential boom to journalism. The internet which is traditionally used by researcher seeking information is now discovered by journalists to be a useful for radio journalism. Today, the internet has grown so vast and has continued to grow so much that it sometimes poses a problem to journalist seeking information. In other words, using the ‘Net’ can be a daunting tasking for radio journalist According to Wikipedia (an online encyclopedia The ;net’ generally has three functions of the radio journalist.
1. Using the electronics mail or e-mail to locate and establish communication with sources around the world.
2. Accessing a vast array of data for stories
3. Observing the various electronic newspapers on the Net for a hint on news, comparing of stories etc.
The internet could also be used by radio journalist for live presentations via special social platform like tweeter and facebook. Mark Giaser, on November 3, 2011 hosted a live radio show via tweeter about the use of SMS and texting.
A 2003 study commissioned by the UN Economic Commission for Africa pointed out that the media (in this case radio stations) play a critical role in sourcing information from the internet and share with the ordinary people. It added that “the abundance of information on the internet means the media with access will have an important role in the filtering and interpreting information for the public” (Opoku Mensa 2003, p.1.).
In line with the need to improve its operation Kaduna State Media Corporation is presently in the transition from analog to digital, this transition encompassed a number of ICT – related issues which include exposure and utilization of the internet. On a general note, transition to digital for most radio stations has driven them to owing websites and streaming audio on line. Some journalist have become more regular in writing and contributing as correspondence outside the state and country.
Basically, the journalist at Kaduna State Media Corporation use the internet to source for news and information to enrich their news and programs. However, the inconsistencies in internet connectivity during the analog era and in this transition


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